Árbol del Sol

Volume 25, Number 11 November, 2017
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"Give me the luxuries of life and I will willingly do without the necessities."

- Frank Lloyd Wright


The SunTree Traveler

What Happened in October?

Glowing man and Halloween at Mira Vista Resort

The glowing man event was, as usual a fun event with a lot of dancers in the lounge wearing glowing clothing (or partial clothing).   A couple of years ago, I reported that I felt that the Glowing Man Event would become an increasingly fun event as soon as everybody got used to the nature of the event.  I was somewhat disappointed that this has not seemed to happen.  The fantastic glowing clothing has been accepted and improved over the last couple of years.

Of course, that big glowing man that forms the centerpiece of the yard where the exhibits are displayed is very impressive.  He was there again this year, but most of the glowing was found on the dance floor.

Another Fantastic Halloween Event

My judgment of the enthusiasm that the Mira Vista members have for the costumes that they have worn every year at the Halloween event seems to have increased again this year.

They must spend the whole year in developing new costumes and body painting designs for the following year's Halloween event.

The Friday night Karaoke event is normally not one of my favorites, but this year there was a nice crowd there and some of the singers were very good, do it was an enjoyable evening and a great kick-off to the weekend.

As is usual, Saturday is the big day for the Halloween weekend

The SunTree get-together on the patio of (this year) room 23 took place as usual at 3 PM in order that we could have a good time prior to going to the Mira Vista Halloween buffet.  This year some of the club members from Mira Vista joined with us at this snack and sip time until it was time for the buffet.   The location of the patio in front of room 23 was perfect for smelling the barbecued ribs cooking nearby.  Jeri worked all day of getting that buffet together and the results were wonderful.  She should be congratulated  for her labors.

As I remember, the buffet included a fantastic salad with a good assortment of vegetables rather that the expected lettuce, carrots and onions that is normally to such tables.

  Next on that line were green beans, followed by eggplant parmesan, chicken parmesan with those barbecued ribs that we had been smelling all afternoon.

Desert was a pastry with strawberries and a smear of raspberry compote and a witch's finger on the side.

It was reported that the buffet served  over70 diners.

The meal was, as usual followed by the dance and costume contest in the lounge.  The Mira Vista folks once again stretched their imagination to come up with some most interesting costumes for the contest.  The lounge was so full that it was difficult to see all of the costumes.  Of course all of those who signed up for the contest ended up lined across the dance floor and could be seen, but there were quite a few others who decided to skip the contest, so they were mixed in with the lounge crowd.

This was yet another of the successful Halloween events for the Mira Vista Resort.

The big events at Mira Vista Resort seem to be Halloween, New Year's Eve, St. Patrick's Day and the Fourth of July.  As of this writing, I think that Halloween is the biggest of those big four, but ask me about that after New Years.

What is happening in November?

Celebration of the arrival of Autumn with a Potluck in El Paso

Carlos has invited the SunTree championship eating team to his house for an afternoon of good conversation and noshing upon the selections brought to his house for the potluck dining.

He invites us to show up on Saturday, 11 November with your snack, entree, desert or whatever potluck dish that you choose.

Pre-Thanksgiving Event at Faywood Hot Springs

The annual SunTree event at Faywood Hot Springs will be held as usual on the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving weekend.

This is a potluck and soaking event.  We will have our potluck on Saturday evening.  If I go way out on a limb to predict that the weather might be a bit cool, we will probably have that meal at the clubhouse in the clothing required campground (the soaking pools in that area are mysteriously clothing optional).  The clubhouse does not have any insulation, but it does have a fireplace, so if you have any firewood that you are able to spare, bring it and the Saturday evening 'social hour' following out meal will be at that fireplace.