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Volume 25, Number 4  April, 2017
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The SunTree Traveler

What Happened in March?

St. Paddy's Day in Arizona

The SunTree tactical party team showed up for the Mira Vista Resort annual green event with high aspirations.  We were located in three of the hotel rooms as well as the dry campsites.

The usual get together for SunTree took place on Saturday on the patio area outside of room 31. The patio for that room was located in the shade so the heat of the afternoon was no bad at all.  In fact the temperatures at Mira Vista was not very bad at all.  The highest temperatures were in the low 90's and with the low humidity and the shade it was quite comfortable.

The Saturday night dining room fare that Jeri put together was a choice of corned beef and cabbage (surprise-surprise), shepherd's pie and fish and chips.  SunTree partiers took over a full table to ourselves.

The lounge was packed for the St. Paddie's party with a lot of costumes, hats, beads and other body decorations.  The SunTree team settled for a string of green beads for an appropriate costume. 

Apparently the folks at Mira Vista Resort worked long and hard to develop a number of choreographic extravaganzas for the event. 

Since the "March Madness" basketball tournament was going on, the television set furnished some diversion from time to time, but it did not detract from the event.

As usual, this was a fun event.

What is Happening in April?

Earth Day weekend at Faywood

The weather for the Earth Day event on 22 April seems as though that it will be in the Spring - to- Summer weatherperiod and the clothing optional campground will most likely the prime spot for our event.  From the experience that we had at Mira Vista Resort, I think that we can safely assume that the "Spring-to-Summer weather will most likely be weighted onto the Summer side and the campground will be the safest bet.

Since the clothing optional campground does not have any electrical hookups, the potluck meal on Saturday evening should probably be planned for a picnic sort of meal unless you have some sort of portable cooking available for your planed dish.

Another Camping Event Reminder

The admissions person at Mira Vista Resort for the St. Paddie's weekend said that even though they put the warning in several of their newsletters, many people were not aware of the need to drive to the Cortero exit to get to Mira Vista.  They suggested that maybe they need to just keep that alert in every newsletter as long as the Ina Road construction lasts.  In a similar manner, I feel that I need to post a reminder in every issue if the SunTree newsletter about the scheduled Wildwood camping event.

I feel as though I need to mention the Wildwood camping event because the deadline for signing up for this event is the same date as the Earth Day event.  If you have not contacted SunTree prior to the Faywood event, then make sure to mention it at that time.

Of course, I have already slipped into recent newsletters some preview words about our Wildwood Camping trip coming up on the weekend prior to Memorial Day in May.  As most of you know, this event is one in which SunTree pays the operator of a normally clothing required commercial camping resort for our use of the total facility so that we are free to express our clothing optional nature while we are camped there.  The cost of the facility will be split evenly among the campers.  The more campers that we have, the cost per person will be lower.  If you are reluctant to contact SunTree until you find out how low the cost has become, then you may be the person who will not be counted and the cost will stay high resulting in cancelling the event.

Some may remember that last autumn we had planned a camping trip to this same facility, but had to cancel when we had a low number who notified SunTree that they were willing to participate.  That resulted in the cost per person to be (in my estimation) exorbitant.  SunTree received messages from several who complained that they were looking forward to that camping trip and were disappointed that "I had chosen to cancel" it. 

I did not choose to cancel that event, the ones who were disappointed but had not bothered to inform SunTree that they were planning to participate were the ones who made the choice to cancel. .