Árbol del Sol

Volume 26, Number 9 September, 2018
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"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

- Albert Einstein



The SunTree Traveler

What Happened in August

SunTree Returned to Deming

 On 18 August SunTree went  back to Deming for another afternoon of a potluck meal and celebration of the swimming pool season.

As for my personal experience of that weekend, I decided to spend Friday and Saturday nights at Faywood Hot Springs.  I arrived there in the mid-afternoon on Friday and found that I was the only person in the clothing optional campground.  I thought that was most strange.  I walked around the camping area and up the hill to the soaking pools and found that I was the only one.  Suddenly I remembered that I was still wearing clothes.   I was sure that I certainly did not want anybody to see me that way, so I quickly went back to my car before anybody showed up.  Within another hour others started to arrive in the campground and fortunately, I was modestly clad in the desert breeze.

There was a fantastic display of dark clouds and continuing lightning bolts along the Black Range to the east, so there was adequate natural entertainment.  The clothing optional campground got no rain through the weekend, but it seemed to threaten throughout the daylight hours.  In the night time, there were billions of stars (I do admit that I lost count, but I am pretty sure of the accuracy of that number).

The next day at the Deming event, the pool was delightful (the air was a bit warm, so the pool was a welcome temperature).  There was, as usual, adequate food at the potluck, though this time there were many more dessert dishes than normal.  The events at the Graham's are always most pleasant.

What is Happening in September?

Wildwood Canceled; Replaced by Faywood

We were sort of short on the number of participants for the Wildwood camping weekend to keep the share of the cost per individual down to a comfortable and affordable level, so we had to cancel that event.

Cancel does not really mean cancel.  We only moved the location to a less expensive venue.  It was one that we all know very well; Faywood Hot Springs.

As you can see from the calendar on the SunTree "What's Happening" page  that our planned event is scheduled for the same weekend as the one that was cancelled at Wildwood.

An added activity for this event will include the acknowledgement of the birthday and accompanying entry into geezerhood of one of our members from Silver City.  I do not wish to embarrass him by identifying him on this webpage.  Those of you who are Facebook friends will know him as the provider of some of the best photographs that you will find there.  In fact, he posted a fantastic sunset  photograph that he composed on Friday of the weekend of the Deming event.

Submit any suggestions that you may have for adequate activities for the celebration of the birth month of this fledgling geezer.