Árbol del Sol

Volume 25, Number 6 June, 2017
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The SunTree Traveler

What Happened in May?

Potluck Event in El Paso (Thanks Carlos)

Last month I sent out an amendment to the newsletter to alert you to a replacement event for the cancelled Wildwood Camping event.  When he read the newsletter and found that the camping trip had been cancelled, Carlos contacted SunTree to offer his home for a potluck lunch in lieu to the camping weekend.  That was greatly appreciated by the club and by the participants at his pleasant afternoon event.

Several members as well as others showed up and the potluck meal took place along the kitchen counter early on.   That was followed by all moving to the nicely shaded arbor in the back yard.  The conversation lasted quite awhile and was enjoyable to the point that most were reluctant to leave when the sun went down.

The whole event was overseen by Kayla, Carlo's Maltese poodle who had a great time even though I was unable to attend for her to lick my knee as she has done in the past.

Once again I wish to thank Carlos for stepping in when our calendar developed a hole for that weekend.'

What's Happening in June?

SunTree Returns to Deming

SunTree has been invited back to Deming for another afternoon of a potluck meal and celebration of the swimming pool season.

We will once again go to visit them (and their pool) on Saturday, 24 June.

They have a wonderful above-ground pool complete with a sunshade if it happens to become an uncomfortably warm day.

The pool is in close proximity to their house in case we have a cloud-burst rain storm (or drizzle as we have experienced occasionally) or maybe snow.

There is always a stroll through their wonderful garden before the lunch (or after) meal. Be sure to bring a wide-brim hat.

Please contact SunTreeif you plan to attend. The hosts of the event need to have an idea of the numbers who will show up. This will be a potluck event, so let them know what you plan to bring and if it needs any special attention.

If you plan to spend the night of the 24th following the event at the Graham'sor at Faywood Hot Springs, you might want to check out the sky while you are there. Saturn will be putting on its final encore for the year, something that you do not want to miss.