Árbol del Sol

Volume 26, Number 11 November, 2018
A Publication of the SunTree Travel Club
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(AANR), AANR-West, and The Naturist Society

"I'm living so far beyond my income that we may almost be said to be living apart."

 - e e cummings



The SunTree Traveler

What Happened in October?

27 October at Mira Vista Resort

The SunTree folks went to Tucson to do our part to aid the Mira Vista Resort in celebrating Halloween.

Our part included, as usual joining in with the Mira Vista folks in their event.  We had a meet-and-greet get together on the patio of unit 42 on Saturday afternoon with an "anybody is welcome" policy.  Unlike the last time that we had the SunTree get together on the patio of unit 42, the weather this year was most comfortable with clear skies and temperatures about 30 degrees warmer than the last time that we shivered in the shade.  In fact, this time the temperatures in the sunlight was most uncomfortable.  Shade was definitely the place to be.

On Friday night, the club held their weekly karaoke event in the lounge.  As is usual, there were some very talented singers and some really terrible "singers", but it was all in fun.  Two of the SunTree group participated this time, Mark and Judy.  We need more participants in future events.

The buffet on Saturday night was delightful because Jeri, the Mira Vista chef manufacturing a wonderful meal which included barbecued pork ribs, eggplant Parmesan, wild rice and her normal delightful salad.

The evening in the lounge included the usual Halloween costume contest where, once again there were some fantastic creations to baffle the judges.  Several of the most noteworthy costumes (from my point of view) did not even enter into the contest.  That was somewhat unfortunate, but those which were entered were so fantastic that the problem of choosing a winner was most difficult resulting in wonderful costumes had to be missed in the final judgement.

As is usual, this was a fun weekend.

What is Happening in November?

Pre-Thanksgiving Event at Faywood Hot Springs

The annual SunTree event at Faywood Hot Springs will be held as usual on the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving weekend.

This is a potluck and soaking event. 

We will have our potluck on Saturday evening.  If I go way out on a limb to predict that the weather might be a bit cool, we will probably have that meal at the clubhouse in the clothing required campground (the soaking pools in that area are mysteriously clothing optional).  The clubhouse does not have any insulation, but it does have a fireplace, so if you have any firewood that you are able to spare, bring it and the Saturday evening 'social hour' following out meal will be at that fireplace. 

Let SunTree know of your plans (or lack thereof) for this event.  The clubhouse will have to be rented (unlike in previous years), so there will be a cost to the club for the use of the clubhouse.  We are not expecting participants to share in the cost of the clubhouse (though any size contribution will be welcome).

The windows of the clubhouse will be covered to prevent the shocking of any peeping toms who may be in the campground.

As mentioned above, this is a potluck event on Saturday afternoon/night, so bring a dish to share with your fellow members.