Árbol del Sol

Volume 27, Number 8 August, 2019
A Publication of the SunTree Travel Club
SunTree Travel Club is an affiliate of The American Association for Nude Recreation
(AANR), AANR-West, and The Naturist Society


"He who will not economize will have to agonize."

- Confucius


The SunTree Traveler

What's Happened in July?

SunTree Celebrated National Nude Recreation Week at Faywood Hot Springs

There was no accurate predictability of the weather.  The planners of this event made the dubious prediction that there will be no snow to spoil our potluck and the weather might possibly be warmish, campsite "E" in the clothing optional campground was reserved for our event because  that site offers more shade than any of the other places in the clothing optional area.

As it turned out, campsite "E" was nicely shaded for our potluck and even though the weather was uncomfortably warm throughout the rest of the clothing optional campground, we had a delightfully comfortable area for our potluck.  We did get a late start by about an hour, so toward the ending of the lunch, the temperatures were rising, but we were finishing up by that time.

We had a nice size group at the event, though there were several who had said that they would participate did not make it.  I can only assume that they were scared off by the television weather prognosticators.  That was unfortunate because it was a comfortable time during the meal with wonderful food and delightful conversation.

What is happening in August?

SunTree gathers for a pleasant day in Deming, NM

SunTree has been invited back to Deming for another afternoon of a potluck meal and celebration of the swimming pool season.

We will once again go to visit them (and their pool) around noon on Saturday, 17 August.

They have a wonderful above-ground pool complete with a sunshade if it happens to become an uncomfortably warm day.

The pool is in close proximity to their house in case we have a cloud-burst rain storm (or drizzle as we have experienced occasionally) or maybe snow.

There is always a stroll through their wonderful garden before the lunch (or after) meal. Be sure to bring a wide-brim hat.

Please contact SunTree  if you plan to attend. The hosts need to have an idea of the numbers who will show up.  This will be a potluck event, so tell us what you plan to bring and if it needs any special attention.

If you plan to spend the night of the 17th following the event at Faywood Hot Springs, you might want to check out the sky while you are there.  The near- full Moon that weekend might be a problem in blanking out the Perseid meteor shower which will be past its predicted peak, however the meteor shower will be shipping out beautiful bright objects of light into the dark skies for days before and after the full moon.

 The Moon will help you in locating the planet Saturn.