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Volume 27, Number 1 January, 2019
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The SunTree Traveler

What is Happening in January?

The Normal "End of The Year" Gap

December is not a good month for SunTree activities.  Years ago, the Hakes always hosted a wonderful event for SunTree, but we have dropped into an empty calendar for the months at the end and at the beginning of the year.  Most of our members seem to have family plans for the book-end months of the year.  For that reason we have not bothered to put any activities on the SunTree calendar.

Many of the old hands at SunTree may remember the "after the holidays" event that we had in January several years ago.  If anyone has a suggestion for a similar event for your club this year, do not hesitate to send it in to SunTree so that it may be included on the website and in the newsletter.  Otherwise, our next event will be our Valentine's event in February.

Speaking of the Valentine's event,  we had a response from last month's request for suggestions.   It seems as if the weekend following Valentine's Day is tied up with some family-related celebrations and a SunTree event on the previous weekend would be preferred.  As a result, the SunTree event  has been moved.  If you are one who watches the changes on the SunTree website, then you already were aware of this change weeks ago.

Again, I request that members please let us know if you plan to participate in that event (or if you find that you cannot) as soon as possible.  If we have enough soakers and potluck diners, we will reserve the club house at Faywood Hot Springs for that event.

Suggestions for events are always welcome.