Árbol del Sol

Volume 26, Number 7 July, 2018
A Publication of the SunTree Travel Club
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"It is dangerous for a national candidate to say things that people might remember."

Eugene McCarthy 


The SunTree Traveler

What Happened in June

Splash Time in Deming

Our "pool opening event" in Deming was as much fun an event and maybe more so than usual because we had a larger group of participants than we had at our event last year. 

This time we had the usual suspects plus some folks who had expressed interest in joining our club and wanted to meet us at one of our events prior to making a commitment..  I hope that we convinced them that we are not really weird and they would like to become part of the gang.

As with our two events last year, the main activity centered in the vicinity of the pool, but that did not keep  us from the dining room table with the potluck dishes available.

This marks the second very well attended event this year with a nice group at the Wildwood event.  Maybe we will have enough interest for our September Wildwood camping trip.  That is not to forget the Glenwood weekend mentioned in the next article and yet another Deming event in August.

Make your plans for these upcoming events and let SunTree know that you plan to attend them.

What is Coming Up Next?

Weekend at D and D's B & B in Glenwood

 [If some of the following looks familiar, it is because most of it was in the June newsletter, but read on carefully because there has been an addition (along with the related deletion) from last month's comments about the Glenwood announcement.]

Sun Tree Gathering in Glenwood at Deb and Dan's (D and D's B & B)  July 20 -22nd.

Privacy, shade, hot tub, sauna, above-ground swimming (with a new deck and steps!!)

Plenty of room for campers/RV's....self-contained camping....However all three of our guest rooms have been reserved.   Dan and I will be in our little camper.

Sorry but no dogs will be able to accompany Sun Tree Members for this event, as there would be just too many of our furry friends.

PLEASE  RSVP soon 575-539-2483 or nordy4@juno.com

Most important to note is that our place is fragrance-free....this means we ask all guests to use the products we provide when using our bathrooms, and to not bring any perfumes, colognes, aftershaves, scented lotions, etc., and to arrive without having used them at home that morning.  We provide non-toxic sunscreen & insect repellent.

As in the past, arrival can begin after 12:00pm on Friday...bring your own sack dinner, but know we offer our gas grill, if desired.

Saturday evening is our Sun Tree 6:00pm potluck. Come prepared with crock pots, etc., as we have plenty of table space and outlets on the porches.

Sunday morning, Deb & Dan make the egg dishes, please plan to bring baked goods, fruits, and even meats to cook up in your camper or on our grill.