Árbol del Sol

Volume 25, Number 5 May, 2017
A Publication of the SunTree Travel Club
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Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can't and the other half who have nothing to say and keep on saying it.

Robert Frost


The SunTree Traveler

What Happened in April?

Earth Day at Faywood Hot Springs

The pools were mostly empty of people early on Friday, but as the sun moved westwardly,  thefolks started showing up. 

Saturday was a beautiful day in defiance of the predictions of those weather 'talking heads' on television.  Most of the SunTree folks showed up in the mid-afternoon.

We had good conversation followed by a nice picnic with way too much to eat.

Maybe we should do this again soon.

What is Happening in May?

The Wildwood Camping Event

Our Earth Day event at Faywood Hot Springs  came and went and even though I put reminders in the newsletter every month this year, only five people were interested in going on the camping trip to Wildwood on the weekend before Memorial Day.  We had to cancel that event again this year for lack of interest.

If you look at the SunTree website, you will see that I put in another Wildwood Event for the weekend before the Labor Day Weekend.  This time, I will not bother to make any reservations insured by my credit card until enough people have committed to participate.

A Comment on the Wildwood Camping Events

The first Wildwood event was scheduled because a number of SunTree people suggested that as a good place to plan an event.  As it turns out, that is a great place for us, but it is not very practical for ten people or less to participate.  Now that Faywood Hot Springs is back in operation, that is a much better place when we know that we will not have a big turnout.  Our best (and most fun) events at Wildwood have been when we have had 20 or more people.

Some have still commented that they wish that SunTree would plan more Wildwood events.  I should remind you that Wildwood is open every day after the spring thaw and camping there is only $10.00 a night. 

The drawbacks are that the only clothing optional area is that old area with the small pools.  The large pools that SunTree uses are swim-suit required if you go at the $10 rate. 

The group meeting area where we normally have our campfire with the ramada with tables for the potluck, the full kitchen, the grassy area for golf bolo and the stage where Don ensconced the Bourbon Legendband are areas that are not available for individuals.  It is still a good camping area if you don't mind wearing clothes.

It is my hope that we can have another event there, but we still have a lot of fun at Faywood Hot Springs .

Amendment to the May newsletter

The original May newsletter mentioned that the Wildwood Camping Event had to be cancelled due to few participants.  One of those participants who had contacted SunTree wanting to participate, Carlos, read the newsletter and offered to host an event at his home in El Paso in place of that event. 

He suggests a potluck event similar to the events that he has hosted in the past.  Carlos has a beautiful house with a great kitchen for the potluck meal and he has a grassy back yard perfect for post-meal conversation.  There is also a hot tub in that same back yard.  If you would like to participate in Carlos's event be sure to give him a call to let him know. 

His number is 915 588 8345