Árbol del Sol

Volume 25, Number 9 September, 2017
A Publication of the SunTree Travel Club
SunTree Travel Club is an affiliate of The American Association for Nude Recreation
(AANR), AANR-West, and The Naturist Society


The only trouble with retirement is that you never get a darned day off


The SunTree Traveler

What Happened in August?

Not much in the way of club activities.

Some of the members decided to make a trip to see some kind of celestial event that occurred on Monday 21 August. By the way, do not toss your protective glasses.  You will need them in April of 2024.

What is Happening in September?

Glenwood Event

An event that has evolved into an annual SunTree event is now scheduled for8 - 10 September at D & D's Inn  in Glenwood/Pleasanton.

For additional information for those of you have recently decided to participate, please be sure to contact;

Deb and Dan


D and D's Organic Haven

13 Blue Heron Lane
Pleasanton, NM 575-539-2483

This event will take place in the Glenwood-Pleasanton area, 60 miles north of Silver City off Hwy 180, located in the valley of the Rio San Francisco, surrounded by beautiful mountains.

For your information, here is what is included in this invitation:

Our back yard is very private, with a large Coleman hot tub, a dry sauna, an above ground swimming pool, and a ready-to- use gas grill, picnic areas and horse shoes. For the great distance folks come to be here, anyone who is interested can make it a complete weekend by coming to Glenwood on Friday afternoon.  This event is planned for the full weekend, starting Friday afternoon through Sunday noon. We can provide dry camping for self-contained RVs, or tent camping. 

We will have the usual Sun Tree Potluck on Saturday evening, and a potluck breakfast Sunday morning, with Deb and Dan providing tasty frittata eggs dishes. (Other members need to bring fruit, baked goods to share, and any desired breakfast meats to be cooked on the grill, etc.)

Please check out our website D and D's Organic Haven to see information and photos of the Inn.

Remember that not only is this our home, it is also a business and as such, the kitchen is a licensed restaurant as defined by state law and is subject to state inspections.  For that reason, you should plan your visit including any potluck items to be prepared in the picnic area using the provided gas grill or a device that you will bring for your own preparation (e.g. an electric griddle or a slow-cooker) rather than use the kitchen of the Inn.