Árbol del Sol

Volume 26, Number 1 January, 2018
A Publication of the SunTree Travel Club
SunTree Travel Club is an affiliate of The American Association for Nude Recreation
(AANR), AANR-West, and The Naturist Society


Senility has been a smooth transition for me



The SunTree Traveler

The SunTree Travel club has now completed our anniversary year of activities.  It is difficult to believe that the club is now over twenty five years old (the newsletter celebrated that twenty-fifth anniversary on April Fool's day which should let you know the sort of person who was needed to put together the monthly newsletter.)

What Happened in December?

If you read of our extensive plan for December in last month's newsletter, you know that we did nothing.

That was true for the plans for the club.  Several of us wandered once again over to Mira Vista Resort to participate in their New Year's Eve celebrations.  New Year's Eve is one of the "big three" events at the Mira Vista Resort (the other two contestants for that honor are St. Patrick's Day and Halloween).

As is usual at these big events, the members of Mira Vista Resort are very enthusiastic in their participation in the activities.

At this year-end celebration, Jeri cooked up a fantastic New Year's Eve buffet with her usual wonderful salads, vegetables along with a delicious roast prime rib of beef for the gang (and there were a lot of folks making up that "gang").  That meal was topped off with a New Year's special chocolate desert complete with an adequate supply of calories to complete the tradition.

Following that buffet, there was a physical workout to overcome the rigors of the massive meal in the form of a welcome to the New Year's Ball in the club lounge complete with a rousing horn-blowing, funny hats, and Auld Lang Syne singing in of  the new year at midnight.  If you were not there, then you need to make plans to participate next year.

What is Happening in January?

The "After the Holidays" Event is Now a Thing of the Past Unfortunately

January is another 'down' month for SunTree.  In years past there was a holidays "wind-down" event that consisted of lots of food and a day of quiet hot tub soaking.  Most of the members seem to need a bit more of a relax following the hectic days of December, so that event has disappeared.

It is another month that you will find SunTree members spending time in the Faywood Hot Springs pools in non-choreographed soaking. 

The two down months of December and January  will be followed this year with an as-yet unplanned event schedule for February (with individuals making their own soak planning) primarily because a number of our most active members will be cruising around the Caribbean on their "Bare Necessities Cruise".  That sounds like a great time and I am sorry to say that I did not sign up for that moving event.  They will arrive back in SunTree land at about the time that we normally plan a Valentine's Day club event.

We have not scheduled that due to the lack of the availability of the SunTree Pirates of the Caribbean.  Best wishes to all of the cruisers, take lots of pictures for the rest of us to see and envy.

What is in the plans for 2018 near-term?

What?  Wildwood Again?

 Yes, as you know, there was no Wildwood camping trip at all in 2017.  That was somewhat of a surprise to me (an some others in the club) since we have always had a lot of comments about how much fun those events are.  In fact, last year I was asked to schedule two of those events for the year, one in the spring and one in the fall.  Neither happened.

Since there seemed to be no interest at all last year, I made up my mind to stop bothering to include Wildwood in our activity schedule.  At the pre-Thanksgiving club event, some of you asked me why I have not put Wildwood on the 2018 schedule.  They really enjoy going there and would like to see it scheduled.

For the few who are reading this newsletter and are not aware of the event, I will repeat what should be known to most of the members.  Wildwood is a private clothing required campground in the Gila National Forest with a number of nice hot spring soaking pools.  They have full outdoor kitchens for meal preparation.  Three small (very small) pools are available for clothing optional soaking.  In years past, SunTree has contracted with the owners to rent the entire resort for a SunTree event.  The owners have been happy to have us and are willing to close the entire facility with a sign on the gate indicating that the place is closed except for participants of the SunTree private party.  We have had the full run of the facility for an entire weekend (Friday noon to Sunday late-morning) as a completely clothing optional campground.  They do have some cabins if some of the SunTree folks wish to rent them for an additional price.  Our events have varied depending upon the number of participants.  The more people that we have, the more we can plan our activities.

Currently Wildwood is closed for the winter, but I am willing to contact them again to schedule a weekend in late May if I hear any indication of interest from the SunTree members.  Right now, I am assuming that they will be willing to accommodate us in the same manner in which they have in the past.  As suggested by those at the pre-Thanksgiving event, I will ask for money in advance rather than front the deposit myself.

I will get back to the members after I contact Wildwood.  My plan is to set a price per person for the weekend based upon the number who showed up at our last weekend in 2016.  If we get a smaller number of participants, then the event will be cancelled.  If we get more, the participants will  get a refund on their money (i.e. if we get twice the number than  the small number who were at the 2016, then half of your advance will be refunded to you.)  This is a shared cost event and SunTree will not make any money on the event.