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Volume 25, Number 10 October, 2017
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The SunTree Traveler

What Happened in September?

AnotherPre-Autumn Weekend Event in Glenwood

The SunTree team had a wonderful, well-attended event at the D and D's Organic Haven Inn in Glenwood.  The weather was perfect (although I am skipping mention of that massive Saturday evening sunshine in a liquid form which chased us from our planned picnic-style potluck meal) for the whole weekend.  As usual, Deb and Dan were wonderful hosts for the group with wonderful breakfast fare along with conversation time in the swimming pool and hot tub.

The previously unmentioned potluck took place on the covered back patio and at the breakfast table inside.  Entertainment was furnished by the crowds of humming birds and by the post-raindisplay of the setting sunlight on the Mogollon mountains.

This is always a great event on the SunTree calendar and the club extends its massed thank-you to our hosts.

What is Happening in October?

28 October at Mira Vista Resort

The calendar event for SunTree is at the end of the month when we go to Tucson to do our part to aid the Mira Vista Resort in celebrating Halloween.

Our part is, as usual joining in with the Mira Vista folks in their event.  We will have a meet-and-greet get together on the patio of unit 23 on Saturday afternoon with an "anybody is welcome" policy.  Bring along snacks to share.

You may remember that in the past, we had our get together on the patio of unit 51.  It was discovered that on the last weekend of October, the shaded patio of 51 is somewhat coolish for the costumes that many of us wore.

Event Feedback is Requested for a Future Event

If you have been following our planned events on the website (at What's Happening/) you know that I have not yet included the usual Valentine event at Faywood Hot Springs.  Since Valentine's Day is on a Wednesday, we would normally plan that event for the previous Saturday.  This year there is an added complication.  A major squad of SunTree folks will be cruising around the Caribbean Sea visiting various sites chosen by Bare Necessities and will not return to the United States until that Saturday prior to Valentine's day.

What would you, as a SunTree member, like to do in lieu of a Valentine event?  We could schedule a later event or plan a scaled-down event for those of us who are not cruising at a venue of your choice.  Send an e-mail into the SunTree mailbox with your suggestion.