Árbol del Sol

Volume 25, Number 8 August, 2017
A Publication of the SunTree Travel Club
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Between two evils, I always pick the one I've never tried.


The SunTree Traveler

What Happened in July?

The July El Paso Event

A solid "thank you" goes to a truly justified Carlos for hosting another SunTree event.

He always seems to come thorough when we find that we have an empty schedule for a month.  He has a beautiful home with a wonderful enclosed back yard that is perfect for a casual afternoon of conversation and soaking in his hot tub.

 When I left home I saw the sky filled with many puffy clouds which appeared to be planning to join together in celebration of the start of rainy season.  I decided to change from my "portable mud puddle" sandals to my swamp sandals before leaving home.  It turned out to be a most appropriate decision since those clouds did join together to develop a toad-choicer rainstorm in the afternoon.  That meteorological celebration was timed to start about the time that we were finishing our potluck meal and were moving toward the conversation area of Carlos's back yard.  There was no need to worry, however, the back covered patio was large enough to allow most of us to sit in a somewhat dry and comfortable area for a long, friendly conversation.

What is Happening Next?

August, has turned out to be a poor time for a SunTree activity since several of our members are traveling northward to observe the scheduled total eclipse of the sun on 21 August.  A planned activity at Wildwood had to be cancelled since most of the SunTree folks had other plans.   We did not hear what those plans were but possibly they had to do with the eclipse. 

Glenwood Event

An event that has evolved into an annual SunTree event is now scheduled for  8 - 10 September at D & D's Inn  in Glenwood/Pleasanton.

Deb sent an e-mail saying that everyone copied has stated they are coming....with both the Forester and the Dancer being rented by couples.   The camper has been rented by your SunTree newsletter editor and there will be a number of campers as well

For additional information for those of you who have not yet made up your minds, be sure to contact"

D and D's Organic Haven

13 Blue Heron Lane
Pleasanton, NM 575-539-2483

This is another event that highlights the need for communication as early as possible.  The effort to chose an event date which can accommodate the maximum number of participants is helped greatly when the members communicate with the planners.  Even when that happens, there will be schedules which are inconvenient for some people.  In this case there were some who had personal conflicts and regret that they will not be available on the dates chosen.