Árbol del Sol

Volume 26, Number 6 June, 2018
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A clear conscience is the sign of a fuzzy memory


The SunTree Traveler

What Happened in May?

Camping in the Wild Woods (again)

You would think that as long as I have lived in the New Mexico desert that I would learn that the ambient temperature in the mountain states depends more on the altitude than on the latitude.  The daytime temperature of mid-to upper 70's was delightful, but for those of us who only brought our SunTree uniforms, the morning temperatures of the low 30's was somewhat of a shock.  Fortunately, I (as most of the others) knew that there was a nearby pool which was fed by a hot spring.

Tight rope-walking Foxy returned to a SunTree event for another performance.

The Silver City troubadour was unable to make the event this Spring.  I hope that he did not have a serious problem like a broken guitar string.  We missed his late night performances as the rest of us were soaking in the hot springs pools.

There was a good turnout for this event and I suspect that the weather had a lot to do with it. 

I do hope that we can repeat, or even increase participation for the next Wildwood event. 

We are on the calendar for the weekend after Labor Day (7 - 9 September). 

What is Happening in June?

Deming pool opening for the season event.

SunTree Returns to Deming

SunTree has been invited back to Deming for another afternoon of a potluck meal and celebration of the swimming pool season.

We will once again go to visit these wonderful hosts  (and their pool) on Saturday, 9 June.

They have a very nice above-ground pool complete with a sunshade if it happens to become an uncomfortably warm day.

The pool is in close proximity to their house in case we have a cloud-burst rain storm (or drizzle as we have experienced occasionally) or maybe snow (probably unlikely).

There is always a stroll through their delightful garden before the lunch (or after) meal. Be sure to bring a wide-brim hat.

Please contact SunTree  if you plan to attend. The hosts need to have an idea of the numbers who will show up. This will be a potluck event, so let us know what you plan to bring and if it needs any special attention.

If you plan to spend the night of the 9th camping, following the event you might want to check out the sky while you are there. Venus will be high in the sky that week and Jupiter will be spectacular for the camper's night time viewing.

Be sure to check the "What's Happening" page in this website for changes in the July schedule.