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Volume 26, Number 10 October, 2018
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The SunTree Traveler

What Happened in September?

A misunderstanding?

The subject line for the events of September from last month's newsletter read ”Wildwood Canceled; Replaced by Faywood".  I think that some read the first part of that subject line and assumed that the September event was totally cancelled.  I should have said something like September camping event moved to Faywood.  Sorry about that.  As a result the turnout was somewhat light.  Some who had said that they would participate in the camping trip even if we had to move it did not show up.  I will attempt to be less confusing in future newsletters.

Despite the light turnout, the Faywood event was a pleasant one.  The weather cooperated with some late summer/early autumn skies and fantastic star-scapes at night.  Our birthday meal was delicious (is there any chance that I can get a copy of the recipe for that brisket burrito? I promise that I will not give it to anybody else {well, maybe some deserving folks, but it will not be in the newsletter}).

The weekend was much more fun because of the presence in the clothing optional campground of a couple of families who were far more organized for bare, hot springs camping that the SunTree events normally are.  I think that SunTree needs to recruit those folks to become a planning team for our future events.

They were most congenial and were definitely fun to be around.  They were staying in their "recreational vehicles" which were much larger than the house where I live.  I also do not have a large sunroom at my house, but their RV did.  What a fun group of people and, as a result, what a great weekend for us.

What Happened in October?

27 October at Mira Vista Resort

The calendar event for SunTree is at the end of the month when we go to Tucson to do our part to aid the Mira Vista Resort in the celebrating of Halloween

Our part is, as usual joining in with the Mira Vista folks in their event.  We will have a meet-and-greet get together on the patio of unit 42 on Saturday afternoon with an "anybody is welcome" policy.  Bring along snacks to share.

As in the past, it is anticipated that the members of the Mira Vista Resort will be wearing elaborate Halloween costume that they have been designing and working on ever since last year's event.  The Saturday evening costume contest in the lounge will, as usual be most amazing.  I noticed last year that some of the costumes entered were the same that were used in the "Glowing Man" weekend event (the first weekend of October), doing double duty at the end of October.

Their contest normally has several categories of costumes (i.e. male, female, group, couple) to be judged.  The winners of each category normally win a meal at the Mira Vista dining room.  I am not the person to suggest a "great" costume for the contest, but I hope that there might be a SunTree entry this year.