Árbol del Sol

Volume 25, Number 3  March, 2017
A Publication of the SunTree Travel Club
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Remember, Sunday, 12 March begins Daylight Savings Time.   Don't Forget to set your bathroom scales back 10 pounds on Saturday Night


The SunTree Traveler

What Happened in February?

Valentine's Day Weekend at Faywood Hot Springs

 Your newsletter editor made a rash decision that the weather in February was going to be cold.  For that reason, I reserved a cabin for my comfort during that Valentine's event at Faywood Hot Springs.  Now, I do not shirk on creature comforts, but that was really not necessary because the weather could be described as approaching "perfect for camping".

The sky was clear all of the time that we were there except during those times that a few clouds were necessary for viewing (and photographing) sun rises, sun sets and moon rises on that full moon night.

To add an additional dimension to the weekend, SunTree scheduled a lunar eclipse for the occasion.  As you know, SunTree always strives to schedule lunar eclipses on full moon nights for added drama.

The man in the moon disappointed some of the lunic viewers by showing up with only a slight bruise over his right eye, but that was not a problem, the view was still a nice one.

Even though those campers who wisely camped out in the clothing optional campground were not excited about it, we had our Saturday potluck meal in the Faywood clubhouse.  Your newsletter editor was not the only one who "chickened out" and stayed where there was available electricity for food warming. 

Maybe, someday the Faywood Hot Springs folks will see their way clear to get us some electricity for potluck and breakfast coffee purposes in the clothing optional area.  This is not a complaint of this newsletter staff because Faywood has been doing a great job in the continuing upgrading to the area and it is appreciated.

What is Happening in March?

SunTree is planning once again to visit our neighbor landed club in Marana, AZ for their always fun St. Patrick's weekend event.  Several of our club have been in touch to let us know that they are planning to be there again this year.  We will have at least two of the hotel rooms harboring SunTree folks, others will be staying in the condos of some Mira Vista friends and yet more will be found in the dry camping area near the swimming pool.  I guess that I need to stock up on some more green bead necklaces since all of them from last year have disappeared.

This is always a fun time for the SunTree folks.  Once again SunTree folks and anybody else wandering the area of Area 31 (Area 51 was not available) will be welcome to stop by on the Saturday afternoon of 18 March for some pre-dinner snacks and conversation.  The Mira Vista Resort folks will be welcome as well as any other visitors.

I will not make a wild guess as to what will be served in the restaurant, but I think that I know.  The lounge will most likely be full of people in big bow-ties, tall green hats and who knows what else (I don't plan to wear any of that stuff (maybe a hat), but I might change my mind).

Some Information that May Apply to You or Your Family

"Naturist Education Foundation (NEF) offers two scholastic awards:  

"1) NEF Scholastic Award. $1,000. As many as 2 awards per year. College.

   "2) NEF Junior Scholastic Award. $250. As many as 4 awards per year. High school. 


"See details, including eligibility and requirements, at the respective links.
A Reminder of an Important Upcoming Event

A reminder of an approaching event

If you have checked the website calendar area, you will notice that the annual (last year, we had hoped for semi-annual, but we did not get enough commitments in time for the second event) camping event on the Gila River is still scheduled for the weekend prior to Memorial Day weekend. 

If we have enough who are willing to share the cost by the time of our Earth-Day event at Faywood Hot Springs, then we will have the event.  I actually am inserting this comment in this month's newsletter because a couple of people have asked how many people have committed so far.  Unfortunately I have yet to hear from anybody.  Input from members and guests for this event always seems to be slow, but I want to remind any interested campers that there is a deposit on the reservation, so if we do not have enough, we will have to cancel or lose our deposit.