Árbol del Sol

Volume 25, Number 12 December, 2017
A Publication of the SunTree Travel Club
SunTree Travel Club is an affiliate of The American Association for Nude Recreation
(AANR), AANR-West, and The Naturist Society


"No problem is so formidable that you can't walk away from it."

 - Charles M. Schulz 


The SunTree Traveler

What Happened in November?

Celebration of the arrival of Autumn with a Potluck in El Paso

Carlos invited the SunTree championship eating team to his house for an afternoon of good conversation and noshing upon the selections brought to his house for the potluck dining.

There was a nice size group who showed up and with the weather hanging in at a rating of "ideal" we all (after a round of stuffing ourselves indoors, of course) moved out to that wonderful back yard conversation area.  We had a good afternoon until that sun started hiding behind the trees causing the temperatures to drop.  That event was handled by some by immediately moving to the hot tub.  Others of us decided at that time to hit the highway back home.

Thanks for a wonderful afternoon at your place Carlos.

Pre-Thanksgiving Event at Faywood Hot Springs

The annual SunTree event at Faywood Hot Springs was held as usual on the Saturday prior to Thanksgiving weekend.

The weather was delightful for the weekend and the SunTree folks turned out for this annual event.  In fact, we had as many at this event as we had at Carlo's home the week before and there were only three repeat participants from that event.

There was (as usual) a wide variety of food and massive amounts.  The fireplace in the clubhouse kept those of us who were not in the soaking pools comfortably warm.

What is Happening in December and January?

Holiday time and family obligations for many of the SunTree family render these two months to pass with no plans for club events.  If any of the club members wish to make a suggestion for a gathering, let the club know and that can be posted on the website and in the January newsletter.

What's Coming Up in 2018?

A first draft of possible events for 2018 has been posted on the SunTree website.  Please look through it is let the club know what your thoughts are before I put out the January newsletter.  It would be nice to have it into a somewhat final form in order that the member will be able to plan for their participation during the coming year.

I want to remind you that the What's Happening section of the website is the most up to date information for club events.  It is updated as soon as any plans are made unlike the newsletter which is only updated once a month.  This is not news to most of you but there was one comment at the Faywood event by a participant who said that they never go to the website because they get all of the event information from the newsletter.  That is good news in that I did find out that some folks do actually read the newsletter.  The bad news is that the newsletter (and that section of the website covering "Club News")  is only updated once a month.  For the information of that commenting person and for any others who do not know, the "What's Happening" portion of the website will be updated whenever there is new information on event schedules available.

I understand the attitude of not bothering with reading the website because I am quite often irritated when I go to a club website and find that there has been no update in a very long time.  In the case of the SunTree website.  The Club News is updated monthly but it really has little in it that is not in the newsletter that the members (and courtesy copy receivers) get.  The What's Happening section, as I said above is updated when there is new information and the Links page is updated when there is new information available (that is not very often but please pay a visit to the urls in the list, they are our friends)