Árbol del Sol

Volume 27, Number 2 February, 2019
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"To know the road ahead, ask those coming back." - Chinese Proverb



The SunTree Traveler

What Happened in January?

The Event  Gap Remained

Many of the old hands at SunTree may remember the "after the holidays" event that we had in January several years ago.  If anyone has a suggestion for a similar event for your club this year, do not hesitate to send it in to SunTree so that it may be included on the website and in the January newsletter. 

What's Happening in February?

Tiz time for our annual Valentine's event,  we had a response from December newsletter request for suggestions. 

 It seems as if the weekend following Valentine's Day is tied up with some family-related celebrations and a SunTree event on the previous weekend would be preferred.  As a result  the SunTree event  has been moved.  If you are one who watches the changes on the SunTree website, then you already were aware of this change weeks ago.

Again, I request that members please let us know if you plan to participate in that event (or if you find that you cannot) as soon as possible.  We plan to reserve the club house at Faywood Hot Springs for the potluck meal.  It has a fireplace, so if you have some available firewood, be sure to bring a log or two.   

I suggest that since Valentine's day falls in February (it seems to quite often) and our event will be on the weekend prior to the actual 'bit day', the weather (and the clubhouse) might be a bit chilly even with that fireplace, maybe we need to plan the potluck meal for a late lunch rather than a cold evening meal.  If we have our meal for around 4 PM, we might finish that and have some time to get back to a soaking pool before sunset.

And Further Along

It is also time for you to start planning for our trip to Mira Vista Resort to join in with that club's St. Patrick's Day event in March.