Árbol del Sol

Volume 27, Number 7 July, 2019
A Publication of the SunTree Travel Club
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"The secret of getting ahead is getting started."

 - Mark Twain  


The SunTree Traveler

What's Happened in June?

Weekend at D&D's in Glenwood

This monthly newsletter is a bit late this month because I just returned to the welcoming arms of my computer late yesterday from a wonderful weekend of the latest SunTree event at D&D's in Glenwood, NM.

Every time that the club has scheduled an event at D&D's, it has turned out to be a wonderful time not only because of the beautiful facilities but because of the welcoming personalities of Dan and Deb.  This time was no different.

On Friday night (those of you who are reading this from some place other than in New Mexico may not understand my enthusiasm about Friday night) we were sitting around the table in the ramada enjoying good conversation even though we had to speak up because of the thundering rainfall that we were experiencing.  That conversation was a continuation of the one that we had in the afternoon in the  swimming pool.  At that time the sun was shining and the clouds were still hanging above the mountains.

The next day we took a day trip to the village of Mogollon, an old mining town in the mountains nearby.  If you have been tracking out events through the years, you may remember that last year we took a day trip to the catwalk up through the White Water Canyon.  Both of these field trips were for the same purpose.  These mountains experienced horrific lightening caused fires some years ago which wiped out major portions of the forest.  The destruction from those fires was compounded the following winter with record snowfall, which, in turn wiped out the old mining catwalk (used to access the mines and to move the mined assets out of the mountains) and split the "ghost town" of Mogollon down the middle of what used to be the road through town.  Many years of construction has now ended for most part and the SunTree team scheduled their inspection tours during our Glenwood event.

Saturday evening saw the arrival of more of the SunTree dining team for a wonderful potluck meal followed by more ramada time for conversation.

What is Happening in July?

SunTree Celebrates Nude Recreation Week at Faywood Hot Springs

A late lunch potluck on 13 July will be the major activity for the SunTree Nude Recreation week for the SunTree competitive dining team. 

For those who prefer to make a day trip for this event, we are scheduling this meal for the mid-afternoon time period.  That should give you plenty of daylight time to return home following the event.  This will also be an accommodation to those who plan to spend Saturday night only at the campground (or in a rented cabin) since overnight check-in is limited to "after 2 PM" at Faywood.

There is no accurate predictability of the weather.  Making the dubious prediction that there will be no snow to spoil our potluck and the weather might possibly be warmish, campsite "E" in the clothing optional campground has been reserved.  That site offers more shade than any of the other places in the clothing optional area.

Those who are familiar with the clothing optional area will know that there is no electricity available for heating or refrigerating food, so your potluck item should be chosen from a "picnic" sort of dish.